Wrap Me in Fur

 I wouldn't of course be wearing this in real life, but happily no virtual animals were harmed in the making of this great new jacket from Egoisme. A few pixels may have been erased but art sometimes calls for sacrifices.

With ten colors to choose from it was difficult to pick my favorite. But TODAY it is ocelot.  Now this fur could easily be a topper over a little black dress. It is very chic *wink*; but I personally love the mixing of luxury and leisure. There something that says, "I am so rich I just don't have to worry about what you think."

With that in mind, I donned some favorite jeans and a simple turtleneck sweater. I added a holiday gift necklace from Fallen Gods, some boots and I was set.  The jackets are made completely of prims (no cloth jacket layer) and include alpha layers to hide any part of you that might want to peek out. The prims are mod which was handy as I need to make the lower arm parts longer for my very very long arms. That won't be needed for 99 percent of you, but you might want to tint a lighter color version and make it -- well, the color of the week when you are stuck, LOL.

These are available for the guys also.

Poses by: Behavior Body