After a decade Blogger introduced a new set of templates aimed at readability on all devices. After 5,555 plus posts (I just liked the way those fives came together; there really are many more) I am switching over. Hopefully this will make reading more enjoyable.

Giving Birth

I absolutely never cared about being pregnant in the virtual sense. Still birthing bunnies was fun and now I am working on birthing a rose plant from PlantPets -- the prize on the Where is the Concert Hunt.  Unlike bunnies which take an hour, plantpets run on real time (the 24 hour kind). I have no idea how long it will take the seed to sprout but I am thinking several days. If I remember correctly it takes 52 days of a "happy plant's" life for it to have a baby of its own. I love the not having to buy food aspect. Yeah.

I suspect it will like its spot on my front deck overlooking the bay. Sheltered sun. I'll keep you apprised and be sure and post "baby" photos *wink*.


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