Banned - Oh My!

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A strange day just keeps getting stranger *wink*.

I was heading over to a new furniture design venue this afternoon to find that I was banned from the region. OK. I know that can happen when someone only has a white list of entrants.

I was also banned from the neighboring region. Hmmmm.

So, I wondered if there was truly something wrong; a venue that was apparently open and accepting visitors (and buyers) would not just ban folks.

I got a friend to check and see if they could get in and they could. I was indeed bereaved at this point. Being a resourceful gal, I snuck in anyway (well if peaking over a shoulder counts). I have only been banned twice -- to my knowledge. Once about three and a half years ago a furniture store person (who I have happily forgotten) banned me for teleporting Xia in to pick up some camping money. She insisted Xia was a "bot" (bots were new then) and while I explained that she couldn't be as she lives in the same RL town as I, the owners blood pressure knew no bounds and I was summarily dismissed.

The other was a dress designer who banned ALL-- and I do mean all -- fashion bloggers (there were not that many of us then and if you are old enough you might remember this episode). She and I had a long amicable conversation, but she was convinced that banning everyone was the best move.

So either my past has come back to haunt me OR I made an enemy somewhere along the way. Since I never truly give a bad review (I opt for "none" in that case), I am puzzled but will move on.

Meanwhile, I did see a few really impressive and unbelievably low prim items on my very brief  afternoon jaunt. So here's to the folks that keep us low prim lot guys living in luxury. Keep on working hard and making beautiful things.

Just sayin'

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    # by Anonymous - February 5, 2012 at 3:30 AM

    sorry to hear you been banned. but really i dont get the creators. blogs review are an awesome way to find stuff on sl. not many of us got the time and i am a blog fan. it helps me filter my searchs. so thanks for your job and keep the good work!

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    # by Chandra - February 19, 2012 at 1:52 AM

    *adds an item to the list for when she gets online next time* "Ban Chic Aeon" *looks over the list, nods and grins*

    hope that'll make you feel better, you know, all good things are three :D

    but yeah that asside, i have people on my ban list constantly that i never put on (that's the side-effect of being in a super large estate, so somebody somewhere always has a beef with somebody for some reason), so i wouldn't be all too concerned currently in your place ;D