Cafe Hunt : Wrap Up

Wrapping up this blog's coverage of The Cafe Hunt, know that there are many more worthy items that didn't make the pages. Meanwhile, this really well made loft house can be your new home for free courtesy of  Pestle&Twig #48. The flag grouping outside is the prize from monaya*gardening # 34.

There are decor items for inside the house should you so choose. The bar set from Zacca #67 goes perfectly with the very cute coffee pictures from meberry #32. My lightweight cowl sweater in a color just a bit creamier than I like my brew is a gift from NEEDFUL THINGS #39.

The new hairdo is one of four colors available as a group gift from Dura. Find one pack in the North hallway and the other in the south. Group tag needed.

These new boots (click photo for enlargement) are NOT part of The Cafe Hunt, they are my favorite new release from Baby Monkey.

Aside from a really lovely texture on the top cuff, they have a hud with so many color choices you would hardly need other boots. Well, of course you WANT other boots, I get that.

Still, a great choice if you are new and low on pennies.

Last up from The Cafe Hunt, just because I love to cook and really hope to use this in a KITCHEN someday (I have never actually had much of a kitchen in a home), I wanted to note this very nicely done canister and spice set from bitter vanilla #10.

So those of you with prims to spare and a place to put it (or the dreams of that in the future) get over there and find that steaming coffee cup!

Poses by: LAP