MESH: The good, the bad, the --

I haven't actually written an op ed piece *wink* in awhile. This will be very short.

I have noted over the last few days a lot of gals wearing mesh outfits that so obviously didn't fit. If, in the real world someone could stick a fist down the side of the dress ???? Well it doesn't fit, gals.

I get some lovely mesh items that never make these pages. If it looks really bad on me, no matter how nicely it is made, I can't see that blogging it is helping he designer. I (and the gals in question) look like little girls trying to play dress up in mom's clothes -- at best.

In the not too distant future, we will (in theory) have mesh that fits everyone and this problem will go away. I am guessing the designers will be very happy to make just ONE garment and not three or four or five for each style. Thanks to Momo for the tip on the upcoming feature.

I know that sometimes there is a lull of good things to blog. Still ----

Just sayin'.