Birthday Presents

I pretty much forgot my rez day as the year turned into another. My friend Divine did too. That's what comes with getting old. She turned five a couple of days ago with no pomp or celebration. But today, Ramya skins (Yasum Designs) unveiled a new skin for the gals and I rushed over and TPed Divine to the group vendor.

Divine has always been dark skinned. When she popped into the world that was indeed an oddity. And for the last year she has been searching for a skin that had her looking like she did when she entered SL (only better of course). Today, she got her wish, just a couple days away from a celebration point.

The RAMYA*YOKI* MODEL * avangard *EBONY skins come in three tones including pale and sunkissed (or similar names -- you get the idea). Join the group and get the goodies. There is a never ending supply of gifts.This is a dramatic skin with a dark gray "racoon" mask around the eyes. Hence the glasses which actually work quite nicely I think.

Find the vendors here.

Happy Rez Day -- Divine!