Retro Rocker

The For What Ever hunt seems to be the flavor of the month. I stopped in at a few spots I knew and so far, this is my favorite prize -- a retro rocker outfit a la 50s from FA Creations.  Find this in the store for ladies; another (not matching) outfit is out for the guys.  The set includes all the accessories as well as shoes.

I was happy to get out and act a bit silly this morning. Lani, hard working crystal collector, bought something today and was severely disappointed. The vendor photo, in retrospect, had obviously been Photoshopped. So not good. Happily it wasn't a store that I feature. I felt bad for her. Even though it is really only a quarter, it takes more than a morning to earn that collecting those bright colored gems.

I remember the first thing that I bought long ago, some shoes. Those were from a prominent shop at the time and back then no demos were available, no products out on the floor. You bought from a vendor and took your chances. The shoes were so bad, they got tossed even though they were expensive. Another Photoshopped issue.  Lanis sweatshirt got tossed today also. Sad really. Disappointments in SL still count. It's one thing if items just don't fit or look good; it is another if some shady work went into the product selling photos.

So go forth and hunt and have a great time. Stick with the designers you know and love; find new ones on the hunt trails.

Poses by: Juxtapose and Posemaster