Props and Poses for January

Lots of news in the props and poses category today. First up is the new version of the Polywall from Diesel Works. Many of you have the original version. Well upgrade time is here. Some stunning new textures make this a keeper for those of you that prefer to take your shots in the studio.

From the notecard:

Options in menu include, Switch Poses from 1-26, Switch textures from 1-16, Adjust Pose positions.

Pose and Texture menu can be accessed by a third party who is not sitting on the object., e.g. a photographer trying to access menu while a model sits.

However, the photographer will not be able to ADJUST position of the model. This will need to be done ONLY by the person sitting on the object.

There are also two couples poses out for everyone at the shop. This walking together pose is especially nice.

If you are a group member there are rumors (well an announcement) of a less than PG rated gift for you. So stop by the shop and check out the goodies.

It is a new year and time to update you pose portfolio. I hate to say it, but I still see some of those five year old (maybe more) free "model" poses on the feeds from time to time.

Trust me, your peers know. Get some better quality stances *wink*.

There is newness at aDORKable too. This open window comes with various poses and is much fun.

Also new from aDORKable are a set of ballet poses. These are just great and can be used for lots of occasions. No need to don your tutu and slippers.

No newness in my outfit. I wear this often when I am feeling slightly wicked; it is from Gwen Carillon Designs (previously blogged).

Poses by: Diesel Works, aDORKable