Cafe Hunt : Part Two

Continuing on with our gastronomic tour brought to us by The Cafe Hunt, here are two more domestic worker outfits. Mine (only part of the outfit which includes boots, head gear and arm decorations) is the Cafe Lolita outfit from #15 - Bubblez Design. I love the apron which hold cutlery; the ruffled shorts are darling.  Dion, my partner on this hunt, is wearing a mix of two gifts, the base maid outfit from bonne chance #11 with the apron from #53 *RibboN*.

Our tasty looking goodies are two of the choices of wearable foodstuff trays from  #37 Nanan~.

Baffle #08 is the maker of this countryfied home decor, Grandma's Milk Pitcher.

My hair will be the newest group gift from EMO-tions (Jan 21).

This is the +NK+ #40 Alice of the Waitress outfit which includes oversized watch; what a fun prop. Shoes are again from .XIV #1.   Dion's pose as well as mine in the shot below are some of a five piece set from !SyDS! (#63).

One more time ( there are actually more costumes than I will be showing you) has us in black white and red. Most of my maid's outfit comes from Ambrosia #3. I gave up the full little girl skirt and added the apron from the Bubblez costume. This has darling socks and frilly pantaloons. Dion is in  much more sedate attire, suitable for an uptown gal. Her outfit is from LIKKA*HOUSE #30. Her tray loaded with cheesecake is from * nonino * #43.