A look is only as good as the sum of its parts; and those parts are often made up of accessories. Lots of newness, some free, makes up this casual but somewhat complex styling.     My very cute bag is actually the male gift from Salon de Glow and R.A.Crystal. There is a similar lady's version in a variation of the theme. My info is a bit sketchy on this, partly due some some Google translations which as we know are sometimes oblique. But head to one of the stores if you are inclined and see if it is still available. I sized this down a bit. Happily it is manual mod. The lady's version has a black and white print with no scissors.

By now most everyone know of the free hairs at Analog Dog. I posted on them a couple of days ago too. What I didn't realize is that this "quest" style included a hair clip. Every little bit adds to the authenticity of our virtual world.

Also new and free is this cute animal top from Graffitiwear. It is the January Subsciber gift and includes a lower prim part that obviously wouldn't work with my vest  -- a past hunt prize from !Ohma.  The unisex Aztec Pendant necklace is also from Graffitiwear, a hunt prize in the new For Whatever Hunt.  The necklace actually sets higher on the shoulders; I did a little bit of prim adjusting trickery in order to get it to work with the vest :D.

This is the whole look; a mix of new and old -- the best kind of melding.

These are the new Trekking Boots from Egoisme. Unisex, they come in both resize and manual mod versions. Shrinking them down to gal size was a breeze.

Poses by: Vista Animations and EverGlow