Newness worked its way into my new abode this evening. A Collaborator 88 set from Trompe Loeil is the happy cause. A huge new MESH set of "Simple Culture" furniture is available for an unbelievably low price. I don't publish costs on this blog but many of you know about Collaborator 88 so you can do that math. Everyone else, well get over there and look! But maybe not this evening as there are so many green dots there, I am thinking you won't be able to move *wink*. You have ALL MONTH, so there really isn't any hurry.

Quite a few things about this furniture impressed me. It was SO LOW on prims -- that's number one. The couch complete with pillows and poses has a land impact of 5. Just last night I had some issues with mesh. One item that I rezzed that "looked" like one prim, had an impact value of 108. OH MY! So I was extremely pleased to see how thrifty these pieces were. Amazing. While I have a few thousand prims over at LEA, my home is now a modest 117. So, I care!
The pieces are all mod which means you can tint them and resize them. I did both. You can see the original colors here. The couch now in my living room was originally hot pink like the chair. I simply tinted it a bit to coordinate with my existing furniture. A couple of clicks and I was set. I also downsized everything as I am a big believer in small scale and my friends don't tend to giant-ism.The pieces come with subtle shadows built in; the ones you see here are from the sun and my viewer.

My at home outfit of the eve includes a new top (part of a set) from Gwen Carillon Designs. It comes with a tiny mini skirt as well as a prim dress bottom. Being a pants gal, this worked best for me. My hair is Jasmine from Alli&Ali and a marketplace special. I am also wearing the new jewelry gift from MIEL; very pretty.

Poses by: Vista Animations