Where is the Concert? Seeing Red

I have been seeing red lately. Partly because of this cute new release NATASCHA outfit including glasses as well as a really nice flexi tie (not shown) from  EMO-tions (releases SATURDAY) and partly because of the goodies I found at the Rose Theater on the Concert Hunt.

The furniture pack from the theater is one of my personal favorites on this hunt -- it replaces my Victorian furniture lost in the database meltdown. Yeah!  I am not sure when I might be living in the Steamlands again, but it is very good to know I have furniture for a fancy house should I so choose.

There are lots of pieces in the set including a couch and armchairs (not shown). Pieces are all no copy so be sure and pick up an extra box for backup. The hint on the blog is something like "it waits for no man". I spent a long time looking for this even though it was really pretty easy to find. The theater is a big place and if you take a wrong turn -- well, you get the idea. So MY hint is to make sure your sound is on and listen. When I went back this morning to make sure the theater was where the furniture came from (again no landmarks and few clues), I found it very easily.

One more bit of info. While it might look like the table is levitating in the middle shot, it really isn't. Just a trick of placement on a big expanse of white floor. But it MIGHT be levitating as I now have a magic wand complete with spells, also from the Concert hunt. This just went out last night at The Arcanum. I got a message in chat come to me mysteriously. This was actually a little disturbing since that technology could easily be misused.

I was happy to get THIS message however saying that the prize was now in the ticket which had been moved. A second message gave the new hint to "go through the red curtains and sit by the fire to read". The ticket isn't far away. Hopefully that  SLURL from the blog leads to the spot where the red curtain is :D.

I have a few more items from the Concert hunt that may make it into these pages. There are plenty of nice gifts. OH, that reminds me -- there is a PlantPet as a prize. I haven't unpacked mine yet, but I am anxious to. No 'food' to buy thankfully and I love plants. It is a temp rez system according to the FAQs I read at the shop, so probably only useful on the mainland or if you own your own sim.  I am looking forward to watching it grow.

Poses by: Vista Animations and furniture