Evian - Jordan

Who says gals are the only ones that like to play with makeup?  For you guys out there (or you gals with guy avatars), a new skin makes its debut from Egoisme. Jordan comes with lots of basic choices such as body hair (full or partial) and hair bases. It is both dramatic and exotic and has that model look.

Aside from a very long list of eye shadows, eye liners and vivid rockstar makeups, there are tattoo layer overlays that let you adjust skintone.  The Vividtone layers let you add tints in the appearance editor. The above shot is the same tan version skin but with tinted Vividtone layer. I admit it, I added some eye shadows and liner too. The point is that there is a very large collection of options that let you be creative about your look. No need to wear a skin just out of the pack. Explore. Have fun.

Leather pants by Egoisme. 

Hair by EMO-tions.

Poses by: Vista Animations and Diesel Works