Oasis Morn

I have a lot of lovely garments from Angelwing. They are packed away in my "costumes" folder; I take them out from time to time. You never really know when something exotic may be just the dress of the day. This new silks outfit complete with lots of jewelry is free on the Where is the Concert hunt.

I want to issue a little warning about this hunt since I have been promoting it. They have been collecting names (well of course in order to verify that you completed the hunt and might go to the concert), but this morning I got four chat messages from "the hunt" about joining hunt groups and the like. I did NOT join any hunt groups previously by the way.  Hopefully this will not be a reoccurring event and hopefully the messages will go away when the hunt is over. But, just so you know ----

Location is Tajuk Oasis which is a role play sim (OOC tag required). Thanks to Renee Parkes for her post with a pretty picture the other day. The grounds photograph beautifully but I have to admit that finding a Windlight setting that would show off the garment, the buildings and me all at once was a real challenge. So I went for the garment cause we KNOW that's what you are interested in *wink*.

Poses by: Behavior Body