A Hunting We Will Go

Hunts have been starting all over the place but two new ones approach, Jack or Jill and Zombie Popcorn 6 (OMG - SIX?)  I have the scoop on the gifts from KOSH and CONCRETE FLOWERS. Unfortunately I can't exactly tell you which hunts these are on -- busy designers and all that. But truthfully, it doesn't matter ' cause you really REALLY want them all *wink*.

There is a very pretty and large gypsy-esce necklace complete with earrings which I am wearing but are hidden in my gypsy-esce hair - LOL. The eye shadows are to die for. I love wearing eye shadows but somehow often forget. I am going to leave these OUT in a obvious place in my inventory so that I can enjoy them. TEN COLORS in the pack.

I am thinking this really lovely necklace which has a kind of magical earth vibe to it is the Jack or Jill prize. I can't see "Jack" wearing either the gemstones or the eye shadow :D.

Both hunts start February 1 which is pretty much in an hour as I type this.

Have fun!