Where Is The Concert? Hunt Report

Awake in the night, I started on the Where Is The Concert Hunt.  The grand prize for completing all the stops on the 52 store tour is an invite to a private concert group. From there I am guessing it will be a who can TP into the show thing. Now, I never had plans to go for the concert tickets, but there were plenty of great shops on the list so I thought I would try my hand. Amazingly I completed the first quarter with not too much trouble. You WILL need the hints on the website (link above).  

This is a touch the item to get the prize and open the map to the next locale. That all worked well. Of course you don't always know where you are GOING so that is a little tricky. I found myself checking the store list fairly often to see which of the stores to head for. The all seemed to have their posters out so that was good. I didn't find any missing shops in the section I did. I started at Purple Moon.

Now you aren't going to keep everything you pick up on this hunt, but there are some nice items and except for a few odd landing spots, it all went smoothly.  A quick rundown of items I found this eve include:  Outfit from Sassy!, skin (one tone) from Carisma Creations Design, hair (color change by hud) from ChicChickie!  and very pretty earrings from Exodi (part of a huge color pack).  There were other nice prizes that may certainly make it into another post.

But for now, the typist is heading back to bed as Chic has a busy day tomorrow *wink*.

Happy Hunting!

Poses by: aDORKable