Monday Hunts and News

By now you must have figured out that I really like these chairs as visual props. I also am quite fond of my almost empty 120 meter building pad up high in the empty skies. It's hard to find empty skies these days, so I am enjoying the minimalist view!

My quick post of the morn highlights skins from Soulglitter.  These appeared in my inventory when I wasn't looking -- some of you know how that is. Two hunt gifts as well as deeply discounted full avatar pack are the main themes. Close ups below, but while I have you in "long" mode, note the cute little shrug (VERY cute little shrug and I love shrugs) from [Cynful] on the Where is the Concert Hunt?.

My scanty attire is partly to show you the skin and partly to to show you how very long that semi-sheer undershirt from Sassy! (see last night's hunt post) is. Wow. This is a must have for those of us that sometimes like to keep our tummies covered. 

And in honor of the Truth District sale which I hope Lani gets to when the sim is no longer full (if that ever happens), I am wearing old but still very cute Truth hair. OMG! As I was typing this, avatar count went from 31 to 51.   The sale lasts a week thank goodness.

Both skin with a nice dragon back tattoo and cleavage options  as well as eyes are yours from Soulglitter on the Dragon Hunt.  Sorry, no info. Just go to the shop and click the hunt poster.

This messy makeup skin is your to find on the Shattered Heart Hunt. When you find the hunt skins you will get notecards about full avatar packs that are on special for the duration of the hunts. These come with lots of goodies including a very nice AO. So read that notecard if these fit you well.

Get out there and hunt my lovelies.

Important note: I just got a message from a friend that started the Dragon Hunt. At least one item was set for $25 (pretty hefty for a hunt) so WATCH before you buy. Hopefully this was just an error.

Poses by: Vista Animations