In the Clouds

It is a busy week ahead for me so this Monday post may become my 52 color "Iron" offering -- or not. Either way two new releases make it notable.

First up is this new jacket from Halcali, a new to me brand. It comes with a delightful skinny neck scarf and is also available in  brown, navy and red.

My very cute boots (covering all shades of gray) are from WOoT.  These work nicely with either casual or dressy stylings and are available in other colors. Now I want to warn you that these come out of the box VERY BIG. No worries though, they downsized by menu (also manual mod) easily. They really are worth the effort *wink*.

My locale?  I am up on a 120 meter white building pad above my LEA installation. I made this windlight setting for a film and just love the way the sky blends into the white.  So expect to see it as my go to background for awhile. Lots to do. No exploring for me.

Pose by: LAP