Little Touches

It's the little touches in life that add to the enjoyment, that round out our experience be it corporeal or virtual. Atelier Kreslo's offerings for January highlight those seemingly insignificant details that add ounces and pounds to the reality scale.

The teacup? Who doesn't like a steaming cup of tea with TEABAG?  I am not all that classy. Teabags and I go way back *wink*.  Both wearable and rezzed versions are available, coffee too; four cups in one take away bag.

A poem is clipped to the bare branches attached to the chair. I dare you not to cam in and read it.

The new collaborative venture pairs furniture designers with posemakers; this month's duo are Art Dummy and Flowery. Four poses are available from the chair menu. Adjustments are included. The ladder-backs come in a variety of woods, are no mod, no copy, transfer and are available in a plain version without branches.

The shop is staged as a cafe with lovely lighting possibilities as you can see. The drawings on the wall are from lindini2 lane, this month's featured artist. The works are free! So stop by and pick up some special seating and a little art.

The memories of winter chairs will be sold only at Atelier Kreslo for a month (till February 13th).

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    # by Gala Charron - January 20, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    Thank you for the gorgeous post, Chic!

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    # by Chandra - January 22, 2012 at 10:15 PM

    wow, what an AMAZING picture!!!!!
    seeing that makes me totally jealous of your computer, too lol. mine just dies while thinking about shadow rendering :/