MENstuff for Gals Too

I am two thirds the way through the 151 stop MENstuff hunt and while I am enjoying the process of getting "Chav" some new duds and staying on the lookout for things my male friends might like, I also want something out of it for ME *wink*. And there are indeed items that are unisex and work for gals. To be fair, most prizes are definitely in the testosterone camp. Still, some things cross over like these terrific work boots (3 color changes) from [hate this].

So I put together a look using only prizes from the hunt (skin not included of course) and headed out to grunge territory. Many of the items shown are parts of sets that were the complete prize. There are LOTS of tees and jeans in the hunt as you might expect. I was looking for something a bit out of the ordinary and here it is. Have fun - guy and gals.

There are plenty of poses and shapes to be found.    Remember, you need a group tag on to hunt. Hints and SLURLS here.

Style Notes: 

Tattoo: :Wicked Tattoos: Revenge Light Ink (A)
Clothing: Lotus Noir black corduroy pants; [BedlaM] MENstuff diamond vest (hard to find); [Let's Get Dirty] Tank Top 57T1 Grunge
Shoes: [hate this] [ht] urban cowboy - boot
Accessories: Geezer Garments Thief In The Night Beanie, sunglasses and cigarette

Pose by: Exposeur Fashuneestoh 3