Fame and All That Jazz

You may have noticed that I have been posting up a storm these last few days. In part, to feature as many Accessory Fair designers as I can get looks together for; in part, to keep up with other events and new releases around our virtual world.

So I am taking most of the day "off". For me, that means a little less time in world. It also means that I get to put on my jeans and boots (in this case some cool cowboy ones that I found in my closet and that Nissa featured shortly after) :D. During my scouting expeditions for new photogenic locales, I flew way up above a three story building to find my profile picture on a grunge billboard. Happily I had changed out my photo over the weekend to reflect my new skin tone and to change back to a 4:3 ratio. Hence, I look much better to ME, if not to Viewer 2 folks.

And that got me thinking about some comments of late, of fame and glory -- or their lack; of work ethic, creativity and enjoyment of life. These thoughts are partly for me and partly for the new gals and guys on the block, ones that may be thinking there is no room for them in the already crowded blogger world. So here goes.

Dear Diary --

Someone made a comment on their blog not long ago about "obvious choices" for bloggers of a themed event. The idea seemed to be that some well-know or perhaps well-connected media folks were always invited into the blogging groups while the new, less prolific, not so poetic folk were left out.

In one sense, I believe they were right. The people who have put in time and effort over the years most likely have a better chance to be included for media day early openings and event designer groups. Honestly, that is pretty fair and much like the corporeal world. You do the work; you prove your ethics. If you are a good little blogger and send out notecards to the folks you feature, they often remember your name in connection with their fame -- brief as it may be. They see you on a bloggers list for the event they are participating in and send you goodies. You clap with glee over something to blog -- more often than not anyway. Everyone is happy.

But it is a misconception to hold on to the concept that some bloggers get and have it all. The song You Can't Always Get What You Want says it nicely. Speaking for myself and as one of the oldest (not THE oldest thank goodness) around, there are times when I apply to a group without acceptance. I am sometimes disappointed; sometimes I end up glad that it didn't work out. But it is never a "sure thing".

New folks can make their mark and get included. It takes time, effort, dedication and skills. Put them all together and someone is bound to notice. Making a place for yourself in the virtual world is much like the real life counterpart. In the final analysis though, it is always about enjoyment. Do what you love and the rest will surely follow.

I believe that.