Blue On Blue

SLC has a cute casual set out for Low Letter of the Week starting today. The SLC Jeans and Top Winona are available in several colors. I chose blue and you will see why as you scroll down :D.  The jeans are long and full with rolled cuffs that sag in appropriate places giving them a slightly messy, leave-me-alone-I'm-RELAXING air. The prim belt is nicely detailed and works well with the set.

And here of course is why I chose the blue set; color coordination whenever possible. This great little cabana hales from Boathouse on the Sand and Sun Hunt. The house complete with bed is the prize; the matching furniture and decor items are available at a bargain price (really) for those of you that want even more cuteness.

The bed which comes along with the painting in the prize pack, sits two with alternate animations available by clicking the bed. Silly me, I forgot to do that! The chairs out front have some very nice, calm sitting animations. /1a to adjust with a slightly different menu than you might be used to, but it works just fine.  I wasn't able to actually STAND in the cabana, the floor being phantom -- perhaps because of sculpties in the linked bed. But it is certainly easy enough to add a rug or an invisible prim to the floor should you want to do more than literally "hop into bed" *wink*.

This is perfect for a beach or lake getaway place. So serene.

I want to mention that my glasses are yet another pair from Kumaki Glasses Style -- all available at the Accessories Fair. You can see that I have chosen blue lenses (well natch) with silver frames and turned the glasses into shades with a fairly solid opacity. So many choices, it is fun and easy to adapt the various glasses to whatever color scheme you need for the day. If you have been watching closely, you know that I have now shown you four different styles. Don't worry; there will not be a test.

And for you photographers out there that might be wondering? NO post processing in these shots. This is all Windlight!

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Lena ~ Dark Brown
Clothing: SLC Jeans & Top Winona blue

Accessories: K_gs Emerson 1.00

Poses by: the furniture and Diesel Works