Purples - Edible And Not

Since I was dressed in a cute new and definitely purple dress by VESNA, it seemed fitting to journey over to Fungus where color abounds, much of it in the red-blue section of the color wheel. I have more to say about Fungus, but first let us talk about the dress -- well of course! The Krushka dress is the equivalent of the perfect " Little Black Dress", and indeed it comes in black as well as two other warm colors. It has a nicely shaped sculpty prim skirt which works well for me. It also has enough detailing and texture to keep things interesting. It is a great canvas to show off jewelry and accessories. I should mention that there is a smallish logo style tag on the back of the dress.

I went with a minimalist look and simply added a belt and some cute star leggings from Shania's Sock Shop and my new I-So-Love-It belt from Ducknipple (Zombie Popcorn Hunt).

OK, now about Fungus --

I found Fungus during its building stage, long before it was open. I have forgotten now what sim it used to be, but that locale was in my photo op landmarks. So, being a good girl, every six months or so I go through ALL those landmarks and delete the ones that have disappeared. Thus, I thought of Fungus as the purple fantasy shopping sim "coming soon".

It is that, with cute little boutiques scattered amongst the giant mushrooms and grasses -- but it is MORE. It is also a Game Within a Game adventure, one where you hunt, solve puzzles and pick up a few goodies along the way. When you TP into Fungus you will find a board that gives you an intro notecard and a hud. You will need to wear the HUD in order to track your discoveries. I spent a couple of hours in Fungus over the weekend and I have found some keys and some chests and some that actually match (LOL). I have also found some mysteries and an idea of what I am trying to do.

Even though I have been playing adventure games for many years, I am in a bit over my head at Fungus. I am sure it isn't all that difficult as plenty of folks have finished to the end. Trying to see if there were any hints or forums about the Snail Trail adventure, I found schnaeppchen's page and saw that for a moment at least, she was at the top of the game board :D. It looks like 33 people had completed the quest at that time in mid May. I will be going back to now and then to search and ponder. I am not too worried about completing the journey; it is fun just to try.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Dura Group Gift (04/2011)(Black)
Clothing: :V: Krushka dress; Shania's Sock Shop New 80s tight
Shoes: Baiastice_Maxine Wedge-black pyton
Accessories: Ducknipple Empire - Belt

Pose by: Juxtapose