SL8B - The Beauty of Art

It is a picture perfect summer day over at SL8B. The event kicks off at 10:30 a.m. SLT on Monday, June 20 and runs through Sunday, June 26. Spanning 21 sims with 700 contributors, it is a colorful adventure. I grabbed a likely landmark from the group archives and found myself at the official stage in the quiet for now picturesque town of Cozy Harbor. Flowers and trees abound on this two sim town; community buildings and whitewashed homes remind you of a place many of us would like to live.

I flew around for several hours today admiring the creativity of Second Life residents. Informational displays mixed with the quirky and outrageous to blend into a kaleidoscope of shape and color. Not surprisingly I was drawn to the more artistic projects. Some were encased in mysterious mini galleries like this portrait display, The White Gallery by Aeon Perian.

Others boldly reached for the sky. The Aleph, a project of Kicca Igaly & Nessuno Myoo celebrates Second Life's ability to connect all people, all cultures.

The painting installations of Nima Benoir, Contagious Magic, invite the viewer to become a participant in the art.  Each work beckons you into a new world. From the explanatory notecard:

The end of the day, the end of work, letting go of worries, “Cityscape” A quiet evening on a hill overlooking the surreal bright lights of a city with a good friend. No words are needed. The moment is silent, brilliant and cozy in the intimacy of friendship.

Soaring With Magic, by Windyy Lane is a poetic installation in monochrome. It asks us to remember the freedom of a childhood where boundaries had not yet been manufactured; where our dreams could reach to the stars and back again.

Click for a larger version of the scroll which accompanies this work.

Explore. Enjoy. Celebrate!

Style Notes: 

Hair: Dura Group Gift (04/2011)(Black)
Clothing: *salire BBH dress (Black Butler's Hunt)

Accessories: (Kunglers Extra) Amanra necklace and earrings (Accessories Fair)

Poses by: Juxtapose