Month's End

June seems to have been one of my busiest months in remembrance. Memory is faulty of course, but amidst the blog posts there have been jobs and meetings and events. July may be just as busy. Some things have worked well for me like the Accessories Fair, others not so well. But even when I get a bit down (any further than a bit is a rare occasions for me) I know that I can go out exploring and take some pretty pictures for The Blog -- and I will simply feel better. Very cheap therapy *wink*.

My new release for the morn is the outrageously decadent pirate chapeau -- we couldn't possibly call this beauty a hat -- from *SoliDea FoliEs*. Maker of some of the most breathtakingly different accessories and outfits, this is actually pretty tame for Mila Tatham. It is one of the items in July's Italian Taste collection. The theme is Dark Lady and all items are $50. My eyes, featured in the previous post, are from the same event. Grab either or both before July 5th.

A mixture of wench with a touch of deco, I find this hat charming.

I started off my morning's journey headed toward the pirate ship at Wretched Hollow. The last time I tried to visit the sim was closed for remodeling and today my landmark brought me to the back of some shops. Wandering was in order. The sim expanded the number of small cottage stores which are very picturesque. The pirate ship was still in evidence, but before I reached it, I found this courtyard -- and the fountain.

Now I have had this fountain from KOSH for some time. I love it, but it has been lingering in my inventory waiting for a photographic opportunity. This was the perfect setting for the 19 prim Crow Fountain, so take a shot I did.

Now I am off for more exploration and work on Electric Blue, our color of the week.

I was asked to remind you that HAIR FAIR STARTS ON JULY 2!!!!

I will be reporting with a sneak peak sometime tomorrow.

Style Notes: 

Hair: .: vive nine :. Wang in Steel
Clothing: [bellballs] My Shrunken Vintage Top (Grayscale)

Accessories: *SoliDea FoliEs* Dark Lady Hat

Poses by: Amacci