Remember when you used to play in the sprinklers? It may have been decades ago or only last week. Either way; fun. Cold water on sun-heated skin. Dramatic differences.

( R E D ) M I N T has a thrilling new short sweater out. Two different styles and variations on those; many hues and color combos. This is my personal favorite. I had to smile when I tried on this super cute top. The vendor photo shows the edges just barely covering nipples. Wellllllllllll *wink*. While I have boyish breasts, I evidently have very large nipples (who knew?) So in the interest of the Viewing During Work Safety Code, I added a tiny little bandeau top underneath. If you are a brave gal -- or have normal sized nipples *chuckle* you can wear as designed.

The top can do double duty as a shrug when winter returns -- or if it IS winter in your neck of the woods. I was especially pleased to find that the sweater coordinated nicely with my Baiastice sandals from the Shoe Fair. The acid green color hadn't been unpacked before today. Welcome to my wardrobe.

Style Notes: 

Hair: ++AY.LinE++ KDC.LB hair[[Charcoal]]
Skin: Ramya*DOLL* DARK TAN /SMOKED; >>>Poison<<< Chinese tattoo
Clothing: (r)M ~ LaceTop Lifted (I) (No.05)~; PARADISIS Nanasa : Top black ; dark black PARADISIS Satine : pants black
Shoes: Baiastice_Maxine Wedge-acid green pyton

Poses by:LAP