Turning Back the Clock

Yesterday I had occasion to take some portrait photos. I needed some portfolio samples for possible additional employment. Liking to keep busy, loving to take pictures -- it is a good fit for me. I am not sure if the job will materialize, but I had a fun time and some friends have new portraits for their walls.

I seldom play with all the features that my graphics program packages. I know you want to see how the clothes look, not be amazed at post processing choices *wink*. But I found a combo of a few steps that I really liked and wanted to reproduce them so I wouldn't forget.  This is Chav (me in boy disguise) in the new Saturday bargain tattoo from Para Designs.  Find both black and colored versions in three tones and all layers right near the entrance.

Not an avid shopper, I gave into the lure of ink and purchased this mostly for me, Chic. But it looks great on guys too as you can see. There are tattoos down one leg and the back is mostly bare. What I liked about this design was the flow and the finishing of the edges.

Tattoos seem to be making a return in SL fashion these days. Just like other styles, the move in and out of Flavor of the Month status. It is nice to have them back!

Here is the original photo, before effects were added.
Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Jack ~ Onyx
Skin: ::Para Designs:: Eclectic Black Medium; Skinny Stache and Flavour Saver - Black; -Belleza- Ashton Deep Tan GG Bald (chest hair)
Clothing: INDI - Jeans black

Accessories: INDI - Belt black

Poses by: Diesel Works