Neutrals - Accessories Fair

I am a big fan of neutrals, items that seamlessly coordinate with one another in part because of their lack of hue. Browns and blacks, tans and grays all have a honored place in my closet.  Today's Accessories Fair post features two designers with neutral offerings. That is not to say color is lacking in all their designs, merely that I chose items in that mode *wink*.

First up is {Zeery}, well-known for scarves, especially of the silky variety. A little late to the party, the shop at the Oasis is now open to the public. It is definitely worth a trip back. Along with a collection of animal print scarves, there are a wide variety of accessories to make plainer outfits more dramatic. Shown here are one of the RFL cuff and bangle sets which will definitely become a "go to" accessory, one of those items you remember for their ability to work with so many stylings.

These are the new release glasses from Kumaki. The Blazer glasses come with an easy to use hud that let's you customize for color of frame, lens and metal bits. Glass transparency, glow, resizing and placement are also addressed through a menu. You can of course adjust the placement manually as well.

I love adding glasses to my outfits. Even thorough eyesight is perfect in our virtual world, sometimes the extra touch completes the styling -- or the mood. It can be sultry or prim, retro or ladylike. A great way to add a little pizazz to your look!

Find the Kumaki shop at the Oasis.

I journeyed over to UrbanizeD late last eve to take these photos. They have moved again and a hunt is in progress. Find letters throughout the sim that spell the store name. That's "U" "B" "A" "N" "I" "Z" "E" "D" !  Your rewards are these neutral  pieces along with some others that didn't quite fit in my lens. Contemporary or retro decor for your living room or bedroom. So get hunting.

My draped mini is a new SUMMER BREEZE hunt prize from Acid & Mala.

Style Notes: 

Hair:  !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Tracy - Dark Chocolate
Clothing: .:A&M:. Black Draped Top

Accessories: {Zeery} Kingdom Animalia Silk Scarf {Antelope}; {Zeery} Egyptian Scarab Bangles :: Hammered Bronze:: ; {Zeery} Egyptian Scarab Cuff :: Hammered Silver:: L; K_gs Blazer 1.00

Poses by: Diesel Works, Juxtapose