And Dandelions

I have been working in my garden today, both real and virtual. I found some very nice accessories for my plots and as you know I am an accessories gal. Along the  way I found some really wonderful flowers and grasses and I wanted to share that with those of you who also like growing things. This dandelion circle comes in at least two sizes of round and perhaps a square. I found it at KIDD Grass Garden.

Now I had the cattails in the photo from that shop. They are great and abound in the Bayou. My moving in purchase was hurried though, happening in the wee small hours of the night in my manic escape of settling and decorating. Today I went back over in search of bamboo for my friend's lot. That, I didn't find, but I did find a huge selection of extremely realistic plants. I especially like the dandelion meadow. It has a dandelion emitter built in with touch on/off. Those little seed parachutes that most gardeners despise are quite lovely in virtual terms. They float gently with the SL wind. All types of grasses and flower meadows are available including some long thin boarders which could come in very handy to beautify edges of your plot. One of the reasons that these look so "real" is that they have many more vertices than the typical grass, 1285 in my tiny 5 x 8 mound. (See designer's note in comments for more info.)

As an aside, I would like to thank those of you who I now know actually read my blog. (Again, just looking at the pretty pictures is fine too.)  I just heard from the owner of Yasum Designs and you guys almost broke the sim getting in to to pick up that great skybox gift (see previous post if you missed it). That made him very happy and ME very happy too. It is good to know you are out there. And to those of you that repost my finds (this one and others) be assured that it is all OK by me. Long ago I got upset about that, now I just say to myself, "hey, they read my blog!". Life is much easier that way.

Cheers. I am off to water and weed.

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    # by KIDD - June 5, 2011 at 11:53 PM

    That's so sweet from you Chic :O)

    Then ! :o) I must clarify some points :

    Dandelion fields are currently available at 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m in "blur flat circle" shape, mainly because it's a wild variety used for natural areas patched most of time, but... in case of need and under request they can be suggested as flat square also.

    About cattails, there is also several shapes to meet different needs, short thickets, hedgerows, corner hedgerows, patches hedgerows, circular fields and patches. All are sounded with 3 different soundscapes.

    For Bamboos, you are right there has not suggested yet, but you must be a soothsayer because it's under progress even I can't really date about ( plants are sometimes so slow to grow..) ;o)

    Generally speaking, light and beautiful could be the keywords that lead Kidd Creation work, light for prim cost and I hope for prices, but first beautiful, natural and varied, at least I try :o)

    Thank you again warmly for your review Chic, I don't joke when I say residents feedback is really my best reward.

    And don't forget, weeds do not exist, there are only wrong way to look ! :o)

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    # by Chic Aeon - June 6, 2011 at 4:26 AM

    Thanks for all that info! And I agree about the weeds definition. I love Lemon Balm (an herb) but my girlfriend cringes when I tell her that. Too invasive. I love it when Mother Nature plants my garden for me. That's my RL garden plan and it works well. Still not fond of dandelions in our corporeal world however *wink*.