Desert Dusk - Accessories Fair

Many of the exclusive, new release items at the Accessories Fair are Egyptian themed. Both romantic and exotic, they remind us of times left behind. But what if the Pharaohs still reigned? Science fiction meets the past in this photo shoot. Dark, brooding skies -- orange desert sands, and an in-store group gift from Yasum Designs. Wander around the store to find many present vendors. Wear you tag, touch and take them home. 

My jewelry comes from two designers at the fair. The necklace and earrings hale from R.A.Crystal. (Fair booth here.) Beautifully detailed, they are bold enough to make a statement - feminine enough to remind us we can be both strong and beautiful.

This eye-catching bracelet from AlaFolies (fair booth here) is one of many scarab themed designs available at the RFL event. There is a matching necklace, but honestly, this holds it own. Add some long flowing hair and a tiny bikini and you would be the hit of any beach. Other stylings work too of course; I am simply in sands mode.

All pieces are permanently "full bright". 

My locale? Deep Desert, a six sim RP area (thanks Cajsa).

Style Notes: 

Hair: *TSM* Thrush - Darknight (hair fair 2010 gift)
Clothing: Yasum*Ribbon Top Tie* BLUE; Yasum* Sarong* BLUE

Accessories: "R.A.Crystal"*Maria* gold necklace and earrings; AlaFolies LaTopasienne-scarabee moire bracelet

Poses by: Diesel Works

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    # by Nissa Nightfire - June 13, 2011 at 1:15 PM

    ooooh.... very exotic! and nicely done... i'm liking that bracelet a lot~