For The Guys

Today Belleza gifted the fellows in the group with a prerelease copy of their new Ashton skin line. Chav is wearing the darkest version. This is an extremely nice present for the guys with realistic skin tones and body hair detailing. My only not so positive comment would be that the feet -- at least on Chav -- didn't fit well giving a deformed look. Not a big thing really, it just prevented me from showing you some new sandals :D.

While I am still not 100 percent thrilled with the Moolto Sister Hunt hint system, I will say that prizes so far have been stellar. This suit from the Gentleman Store is extremely well made. It comes with a shirt, but honestly I didn't even try it on as I wanted you to see as much skin as possible *wink*. Now ladies, I know some of you pant a lot over Chav, you have told me so. But remember this is just me, CHIC, in a guy shape. Not even the extra layer of "altness" added, so don't get too romantically involved - eh?

Another winner from the Sisters Hunt and one that works for both sexes, is the prize from JADOR/CASA FURNITURE HOME PREFAB. This was one of those giant stores I wandered in for a long time without finding the small white sack. Luckily I did find the prize in the store before Jador, so with newfound clue in hand I returned. Yes, this IS a very nice chair. The big surprise is that it is only one piece of a huge selection of modern furniture (sex bed included fellows) - AND (Drum roll? You bet!) it comes with an ultra modern skybox. Rez the home, place your furnishing and enjoy. The theme is black and glass with sleek lines and all very nicely made. If you like modern, spend a little time hunting; you'll be glad.

The top two poses are from the newish Yash set from Diesel Works. I admit I was remiss showing these to you; so much to do. There are some nice ones in the set including this ground sit and some action poses.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Jack ~ Onyx
Skin: -Belleza- Ashton Deep Tan GG Bald (chest hair)
Clothing: [Gentleman] Sulivan suit
Accessories: Kumaki Glasses Style K_gs Emerson 1.00 (Accessories Fair)

Poses by: Diesel Works