Living in Style

There are sixty or so Yasum group members partying nearby. The music I hear is great and yes, I was out there on  the dance floor for awhile. But even though it has been a very long day with a morning in the ghetto and many hours at SL8B, I couldn't resist exploring and taking some photos -----

Because, in the final analysis, that is much of who I am -- at least as Chic.

There is a story that goes along with the lovely photos, of course. See this yacht? Pretty yacht; classy yacht; well-decorated yacht.

It is the new group gift at Yasum Designs. One gift comes down and another goes up. Azlyn Vaher seems to be haunted by my freindly spectre - - constant creativity.

If you thought the recent skybox gift was something, take note. This is even better *wink*.

This boat weighs in at 230 prims. I have no idea what the very impressive furnishings add to the prim count. But imagine this in a serene sea at sunset.

Priceless :D

Right now the group gift vendor is high in the sky at the party sight. Ah, looks like I missed the finale while busily taking photos.

That's OK. It is simply what I do!

Style Notes: 

See this post for styling details.