Flower Days

What's new? Well quite a lot these days. First up is my outfit from TrendStyle, a blouse and capri jeans set available in several Spring color mixes. The Jodie set includes all layers; prims are manual mod. Very much a mix and match set, you could easily add a tank underneath the shirt and use pieces with other items in your closet for your own personally mixed style.

You may have noted that I am still wearing that new skin from Ramya. If you went over to pick up the various gifts last week and did a dine and dash number? So, not a good plan *wink*.  This completely furnished skybox has made a reprise appearance for a short time. Very nicely done, it is perfect for you party animals and even includes a pool table.

This is a roomy home and took up most of my 40 x 40 building pad out on the sandbox. While billed as a skybox, it would fit well on a sandy beach or even a forest. The gift comes with no permissions (read that as pick up an extra copy for safe keeping) but the parts and pieces are modular. So you can use what you like and need, taking away things that aren't your style. There are lots of great details in the build including some very nice art, a movie projector with automated photos, cuddle rug and some impressive lighting.  It comes conveniently packed in a rezbox.  So, one more time -- Yasum Designs is the group. And here's your taxi. Take the teleporter up to see the home, pick it up there.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Angel Night Hair Base
Clothing: TrendStyle - Blouse & Jeans Jodie red
Shoes: [PM] Fae Wedge [A] - LF - Khaki Green
Accessories: LIKKA*HOUSE Linda-angel- Cap; FAB.PONY "Fantasy60" Earrings (Space Garden)

Poses by: Juxtapose from PieceOfMe set