Lace And Gems - Accessories Fair

Sultry seems to sum up this photo of the morn. Water across tile. Shadows (no not from the viewer, alas) and an extremely cute mini from Ruxy's Design on the Moolto Sister Hunt. There are plenty of nice prizes on this hunt, both for gals and guys. There is a very pretty sweater at Ruxy's for the guys so they aren't left out. I am featuring this dress for a couple of reasons. One, I don't believe I have ever visited the shop so it is new to me and perhaps to you readers also. Two, it simply appealed to me. I think it must be the lace which works so well in the design. A little bit naughty, a little bit nice and with hints of Deco design -- it was a good fit for me.

The dress was perfect for some accessories; what gal doesn't like shiny things? Delving into my immense drawer of Accessories Fair items, I found  perfect accompaniments, this AngelWings Necklace Set from Lazuri.

The set comes with both small and large ornaments. I am wearing the large size necklace and smaller sized earrings here. A full-service menu is included where you can change size, glow, gemstone colors, metals and brightness.

Click the photo at right for a large, full-rez version.

I love the period design of this set and with so many color choices, it is a breeze to match most any outfit. Ballgowns come to mind.

I took my new styling over to a recently discovered photo area, one with built in shadow textures for those of us with the not supported graphics cards *wink*. It was a pleasure.

Visit Lazui at the Accessories Fair!

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Paula ~ Blueberry
Eyes:  Amacci Real Eyes ~ Summer Big (Moolto Hunt)
Clothing: Ruxy-Sexy lace dress Pink (Moolto Hunt)
Shoes: Baiastice_Maxine Wedge-mother-of-pearl
Accessories: Lazuri Angelwings set

Poses by: Diesel Works; Amacci