For any guys in my audience -- and there must be one or two -- OR any gals who think their male friends or lovers could use a bit of an upgrade *smile*, this feature is for you.

There is a new boy's club in town, MENstuff. And there is a great reason to join that group, a huge board of gift items from designers who cater to the Y chromosome set. Find it in the lounge with a group join board nearby.  Wear you tag and grab the goodies.

There is something for everyone in the lounge board; indeed a new avatar could come out with a complete makeover. There are role play outfits as well as street clothes and the board owners expect new arrivals until the slots are full.

Most items are quite nice and many include full sets of clothes. Special mention goes out to CW MALE for adding the great set that I featured a week or so ago.

There is a fair amount of logowear in the mix, something I personally think a bit tacky as gifts go, but you might love advertising for folks!  There are poses and shapes also. Anything a guy might need is included (well almost anything - LOL). And what a great way to find the designers who you admire.

There is of course also a MENstuff hunt going on with some great looking prizes. I will be heading out soon to pick up more stuff for Chav. Many of the designers on the gift board are also in the hunt. I picked up the hunt prize  from sf design last eve while checking out this month's gift (hat and hair).

Update: You need to have a tag on to get your prizes for most (not all) of the stores. You can find URLs and hints HERE.

Special thanks to Wonder for unpacking, sorting and presenting a fashion show of sorts. Honestly, what a great way to blog!

Style Notes: 

Outfit number 1 - all but skin from MENstuff designers

Hair: U.December Atmosphere with cap/brown
Skin: Rayma (previous group gift) and  Jaryth's Barber ShopSkinny Stache and Flavour Saver - Black
Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes ~ Hypnotic Big
Clothing: _b[ELLE] - Jeans - Low Rise - Camo; American Bizarre [AB] smexy black tank

Poses by:B&F Poseworx

Outfit number 2 - all but skin from MENstuff designers

Hair:.:EMO-tions:. * JACK * / black
Skin: Rayma (previous group gift) and ::MORTALITY:: FREEBIE TATTOO (FADED)
Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes ~ Hypnotic Big
Clothing: Shawn Creations :JSC: T-Shirt Grey; :JSC: Neko Jeans with Stars, Black
Accessories: *::TAMIRON FORGE ::* 3 layer necklace.

Poses by: LAP