OTR: Pandemonium

This post is mixes fashion, poses, photography and exploration. What a deal! 

First up, I have changed clothes. Since my last two posts (and the one coming up this evening) feature denim and work shirts, I figured I better get a little gussied up for a change. Most of you have seen my new skirt, part of a very nice group gift dress from Modavia at The Secret Store. I made a little mix of new skirt and older favorites; I like!

I also wanted a little Windlight creative photography time. And I have a lot a new poses to play with. Put them together and we have a photo shoot. My locale for the morning was Pandemonium which I had listed in my bookmarks as "gray". It can in fact of course be most any color you want it to be. Thank you Windlight. After just a bit of playing I had adjusted the Coastal Sunset windlight setting that most all of you have. Drama!

When I first visited Legion, home sim to Pandemonium, it was for sale. Now it seems it is not, so hopefully it will stick around awhile. So many lovely places here for just a moment. The virtual landscape is indeed fleeting. There were many more visitors today than when I explored before. This is good.

Someone made a comment last week about my great Photoshop skills, and while I am improving in the post processing area (I don't actually use Photoshop), most of my work is done before I take the photo. So for all the budding photographers out there, I am included a scaled down version of the original top photo. The finished lead photo had no magic added. Only a crop, resize and border. Essentially it is the raw shot. The second photo I did play. Sometimes I do; sometimes not.

Click on the  photo above for a high rez version.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Paula ~ Coffee
Clothing: Wretched Dollies Black Velvet Shrug; :. WoE .: Tatiana Ruched Dress Rust; Modavia Secret Store Froufrou - Inbloom
Shoes: #OC# Melanie- Satin Bronze
Accessories: EarthStones Stone Donut Earring - Amber/Black

Poses by:Juxtapose