New Beginnings

I am feeling chatty this morning, and you know what that means *wink*.

First up, here's the good news. The June edition of PURE magazine is out. You can pick it up at various kiosks around the grid or you can view it online at ISSUU.  I would love to tell you that I took the cover shot, but nope; not me. I am going to keep trying though and eventually I may be able to shout, "Look at my cover!" 

I do have seven photos in the magazine; not bad for the new gal on the block, and I am very happy with how they all turned out. I got better along the way of course. Always learning. I wanted to take a little time to thank the designers whose work I used in the photos that were published. Some items were newish, others older but still going strong. Honestly I would have had very boring pictures without the generosity of so many content creators. So special thanks goes out to all of you.

On page 30 - Sway's, Cheeky Pea, !Ohmai and Gwen Carillon Designs
On page 58 - Eclectica and Illusions
On page 158 - TrendStyle


Along with my sincere gratitude for the designers who have sent me items over the years or made such lovely things available for a bit of hunting, I have a personal complaint. Don't worry, it is very likely that if you are reading this it has nothing to do with you -- and aren't you glad.

Here's the story:

Let's say you are a blogger; I know many of my readers are either media or content creators and often both. Someone sends you a notecard saying, "Please come over to my shop, spend some time, buy some items and feature them on your blog."  Like the recent "blog the photo we send you" campaign, the message would likely go into the trash with little thought.

Lately however I have been getting notes from designers and groups inviting me to come pick out items at their shop and see what I would like to feature on my blog. Now, I admit that can be taken two ways, but I believed they were asking me to visit with the eye on review copies. After spending a fair amount of time looking, trying demos and planning an article, I find that they actually want me to purchase all their goods -- or they never write back when I send a short list of items.

I am not going to be one of those folks who has a lot of unfriendly sounding "do nots" in their profile. I understand their frustration, but that just isn't me. So for the record -- and I have said this before -- I work very hard at my self-proclaimed job, trying to show of the best items that come to me in the most interesting way I can. Once in a blue moon (two moons in one month which doesn't happen all that often), I actually purchase something. But I have so many lovely things in the closet that seldom get used, I really have no inclination to spend lindens in order to post.

Twice bitten, well make that thrice -- I will be more careful.

And with the end of my contemplations chronicled, I go off to sort all my wonderful new poses. MANY thanks to all the posemakers who help me look dramatic, natural, girlish -- or whatever the theme might be.

See previous post for credits. Camera and pose by ChiC buildings .