For me there is something about going back in time;  a lure that beckons asking me to "relive" eras of the past. Several new items make up this post. It began with the stylishly 1930s (I'm hoping) cloche hat from Eclectica. From there I added a matching necklace (well of course) and move down my body.

My blouse is part of a dress from Lisa L. If memory serves correctly (and it has been a very busy month so no guarantees) it was a hunt item. Skirt with belt hales form Mischief; you have seen it before but not in this color.

Please note the very cute little lamp in the background. It is a new release from KOSH. The Sexy Time Lamp comes in three sizes with this being the smallest. An easy to use hud let's you change lace color, turn the lamp on or off, and other important things. There is even a dim setting for romantic evenings. I can remember draping cloths over lamps in the past. Fun!  At only 6 prims for any size it is a true bargain.

I swear I had chosen a different pose when I took this photo - LOL. But apparently I cycled through and really liked this one. You do get to see a different view of my house so that is something. The IMPORTANT thing is the very cute hat. Now the necklace is nice too, but I LOVE the hat. I am guessing late 1920s to early 1930s but I didn't research so I could be off on that. While I could easily have worn something from one of those decades, I decided to put together a look in the theme of "look what I found at the vintage store". That was fun and shows you that vintage doesn't always need to stay in its own decade.

Both hat, band and hair have color change options as well as resize. It is also manual mod so you can "tinker" as needed. In this case I darkened the brown hair just a bit to go with my new dark tan skin tone. It also has a kill script option for when you are venturing into crowded territories.

Style Notes: 

Hair: with hat
Clothing: **MIS** Up or Down Skirt Onyx; *LL* Pale  Yellow  Dots  Dress - Shirt
Shoes: *DD* Carlotta Oxfords Dark
Accessories: Eclectica  Felt Cloche Hat; Eclectica Manhattan necklace - quartzite

Poses by: Amacci