Restin' and Relaxin'

Wonder and I have both finished the MENstuff hunt. With about 145 actual stops it was a long one. As hunts go, it is a good one for the guys. Plenty of male oriented items, naturally. Some little blue tee shirts are easy to find, some almost impossible. I think I found about 80 percent which is good for me. Several folks have found them all, so it is possible. Be SURE and use the SLURL list on the website as you will become lost just trying to follow the landmarks inside of gift folders.

We each put together an outfit of some of our favorites. Ours of course may not be yours. Variety abounds. The big surprise of the day was seeing a "new" Wonder. He had changed his shape after almost four years. Actually he changed his face and modded the rest of the shape to be his old body. He wasn't too interested in resizing a gazillion prims to fit a shape other than his original. He plans to try it out for awhile and see how it feels. I kept quite a few shapes for magazine photoshoots as needed. Ya never know when you might require a seemingly new persona.

So that's my wrap up of the MENstuff Hunt and lounge. Scroll through some of this last week's posts if you miss the beginning of the story.

Style Notes: 


Hair: Jaryth's Barber Shop Clipper Cuts - Sebastian - Brown
Skin: -Belleza- Thomas V2 Deep Tan Release Group gift (not in hunt)
Clothing: Dark Water Designs Distress Pants brown; SHIKI-Hawaiian Shirt-OAHU-TROPICS
Shoes:  :JSC: J.Shawn Creations boots


Hair: Jaryth's Barber Shop Clipper Cuts - Sebastian - Brown
Skin: Ramya*TARL* Hairbase / 3 tage bart / Bare / Chesthair (not in hunt)
Shape: Shape it up!  Drake (body modified)
Clothing: [ AMERICAN BAZAAR ] Fashion [AB] MenStuff Hunt swimwear long; HOUSE OF EUROPE INDI - Shirt
Shoes:Graffitiwear Burlap Sandals
Accessories: {Gentleman}  Street_Sunglasses; Mustang Trading Post MTP Men's Shell Necklace blue

Poses by: the swing and LAP,  Stakey (MENstuff hunt)