Wrapping Up June

It's difficult to recognize that it is almost July. Where did June go?  It was indeed a blur. 

Looking though my  newness folders I found a few things that slipped by as I was busily blogging hunts and the Accessories Fair.  So here are some items you may want to note.  My classic oriental shirt is from the Silk Road Hunt 2; ORQUIDEA Vintage and Modern clothing to be exact. It is the prize for the guys, but being a tomboy at heart (at least sometimes) I stole it away from Chav.  My earrings are from the Moolto Hunt at Gems & Kisses.

Now I have had these super cute accessory attachments with poses for a LONG time. I loved them; I was just in other modes. The coffee cup and cell phone set with a variety of poses is named Like A Slebrity. You can find it at Juxtapose.

A collection of poses for guys (works for gals too of course) is available on the MENstuff Hunt. Exposeur's Fashuneestoh set is lots of fun for either sex. I love this wall lean which I put into a poseball for easy alignment. And if you missed my post at the beginning of the month on this FANTASTIC free house and furnishings, you have a few more days to hunt for it. Find two pagodas at C&D Designs.

I took myself over to my favorite oriental sim to shoot the top photo. I love the calm colors and distinctive details at Edo Japan, and even though my outfit wasn't Japanese -- it worked for me. I hardly ever post "look what I found" shots on this blog, but as I wandered around the sim I discovered this charming shop and these outstanding looking mechanics overalls. There are sets for the guys too. So I just wanted to let you know - should you be in the market for something quite different -- that you can find these at 19 MOTORCYCLE. Be sure and explore the environs while you are there.  Click the photo for an up close and personal high rez version.

The next big event on the horizon is Hair Fair!  If you haven't heard, you can join the demo group and have lots of goodies delivered to you in the quiet, lag-freeness of your home.

Style Notes: 

Hair: ++AY.LinE++ KDC.LB hair[[Charcoal]]
Clothing: ORQUIDEA Mandarin Shirt; PARADISIS Satine : pants white
Shoes: Baiastice_Maxine Wedge-black pyton
Accessories: Gems & Kisses - Super Spike - Unisex

Poses by: Juxtapose, Exposeur