Aqua Future - Accessories Fair

Welcome to the future. [sYs] Design adds a cyber element to the land of the Pharaohs at the Accessories Fair. Flexi "hair" and particle effects form a wonderfully creative design in this EQUINOXE head ornament. You may have noted a theme in my AF2011 posts; so far the items have all been in the aqua blue family. The other design color of choice for the fair is coral. I suspect that if I spent some time researching I would find that these were the colors of gemstones available in the time when "gods walked the earth". While this headgear is far from antiquities status, it follows the color theme in its default mode.

The PANTHER sunglasses are the new [sYs] release for the fair. They work perfectly with the helmet (multiple attachment points not needed). While I love the aqua color, it is not the only option available.

Both helmet and glasses -- and indeed many Syane & Systi items come with a IWO_HUD. This is SO slick; definitely fitting for futuristic accoutrement. The hud scans to see what [sYs] items you might be wearing, then let's you change size, color, sometimes glow etc. on individual items and elements. It smoothly shifts, opens menus and places text all with Flash-like animation.  Click this photo for a full rez view. 

Here's the bottom line. If you are in the cyber camp or think you might want to venture there, you definitely want to check out the [sYs] shop at the fair!

Style Notes: 

Clothing: *BOOM* Thrill Halter (teal) (new release)

Accessories: [sYs] PANTHER - sunglasses (color HUD); [sYs] Head Ornement - Equinoxe -  Blue/black

Poses by: Diesel Works