Last of the Hunts

It has been a big month for hunts here at Chic's. I have to admit that most locales are a blur by now, but I do have some new landmarks in my folder; this is good.

I finished -- in my fashion -- the Silk Road Hunt 2 today. These were not the ending numbers, but ones I had missed along the way as well as a few that weren't out as the hunt began. I can't say I saved a lot of goodies from this hunt; tastes are after all personal. Mine may not be yours, but I have to assume that if you read this blog often, my tastes are at least "sometimes" in your WOW column.

As with all hunts there were a few stars -- at least in my book. Two, happily color and pattern coordinating, prizes are shown here.

My very short mini or very detailed oriental teddy (take your pick) is from Dressed by Lexi. Classy and well made, this is a great addition to your wardrobe. The color is listed as BROWN in the description, but I would call it more of a rich wine color :D. So pretty, it comes with hair ornaments and earrings as shown.

The Oriental mirror which would also look lovely in an Art Deco setting is from le Monde Fine Furniture. It is part of a pack of decor items.  I especially like the lens flare on the glass; not necessarily realistic, but it definitely lends an added touch of glamor.

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Style Notes: 

Clothing: Narcissus Hunt Gift by DBL

Poses by: Amacci