Bad Bad Blogger - Accessories Fair

The Universe seems to be telling me it is a day off -- or at least that's my take on it. cannot deal with photos this morning. It uploads them, but can't get them into a post. I finally thought to look at the "add from the blog" option and found six lovely pictures of my backside (see what you are missing!) in the archives. Those cannot be placed in a post either and even older photos won't work.

Alas, pictureless!

So here are my tips of the day. 

You can pick up some nice new free hair at Bishwear (black only). Find it next to the new release vendors.

There are some great looking (free and almost free)  AF11 Treasure Quest goodies out today.  Unfortunately the clues aren't up yet. I went over this morning trying to find those little pyramids without the clues; not a good plan. *wink*  So bookmark the Secrets of the Lost Pharaohs page and  hit that refresh button now and then and the hints may magically appear.

The photo that you will see eventually is of the extremely sexy teddy from Angel Dessous  on the Moolto Hunt. Patience is definitely the key word for the day.

/me skips jauntily away from the computer and out into the fresh breezes of the garden