OTR: The Silk Road That Is

I have been hunting most of the day. Three hunts in all, but most of my time was spent on The Silk Road 2 hunt. There are plenty of lovely prizes; you can tell that many of the designers put in a lot of time on their designs. Everyone's favorites will be different of course, and that is how it should be. It is, however,  VERY difficult to beat the items from C&D Designs.

No, it's not my tattoo -- although it took me several days to win it on the current group Midnight Mania board at Wicked Tattoos. That Oriental ink is a beauty and "seems" to be the star of this post. And it is in part. But did you notice the house behind me? THAT is the Silk Road prize from C&D.

The house measures 16 x 16 which means it BARELY fits on a 512. At 39 prims it is a richly detailed beauty. A touch to open and close door comes with the house; different textures inside and out. The second prize is the dining set and decor. So, if you are up to the challenge, you will be looking for TWO pagodas. The clue on the hunt board works for both of them. But those not in the persistence club need not apply. It is not easy hunting. The first pagoda holds the house and that is fairly simple. The second -- the one I went back for after seeing how nice the house was -- is hard. My hint for today as I am guessing it may move, is be sure and look INSIDE things for the second one :D. The dining set holds a variety of animations on the cushions; some different poses in each cushion.

I haven't found many clothes on this hunt, but I have been skipping around randomly. These very unusual Okobo shoes with tabbies (that is what we called them when I was young anyway) are from Malfean Visions.

If you go on the hunt, it is a very good idea to join the hunt group for at least a couple of minutes so that you can retrieve a box with all the landmarks from the archives.

As it was the first day of all the hunts I sampled, problems did arise. Things should be easier tomorrow.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Majika Geisha (old)
Tattoo: :Wicked Tattoos: Life COLOR - Light Ink (A)

Shoes: Malfean Visions Okobo Red

Poses by: Everglow