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Ghosts of Winter

click photo for larger image

As you may have noticed, I don't do a lot of post processing with my photos. I prefer to take them in world and leave them as the world looks. But today I saw a tutorial on depth of field and wanted to see if I could reproduce that effect. I don't actually use Photoshop although I frequently find myself IMing "sorry, was in Photoshop" as most folks don't know what PhotoImpact is *wink*.

The short version of the story is that I couldn't figure out how to follow the tutorial in my program -- not a big surprise. But in the playing I found some cool effects, one of those happy accidents that occur and that you can never seem to reproduce again. So I finished up this photo of Divine with lots of bells and whistles. The landscape, Divine and the Arctic Ghost outfit from hO wEAr merged into a dreamscape. I added a close up fashion shot so you could see the details.

The outfit complete with two skins , alternate skirt, sword (all not shown) and who knows what else is free today until 8 pm.


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