For the Guys

Wonder did a bit of hunting yesterday in the Just for the Guys hunt. While this is by no means an inclusive report, it will perhaps give you guys some inspiration. Wonder did mention that he had troubles with this hunt finding things and even shops, so be prepared. Lots of shops he tried were far from the landing point and some stores gigantic -- you get the idea. Some hat goods never ended up in his inventory - blue box or no - and he didn't go back for them. So this is a sketchy report at best. Sorry, one of those days I guess.

Note: Something very strange happened to the SLURLs and they were ALL incorrect (oh my!). I have fixed and checked but if they revert again .......

Credits: Brown sweater - Filou
Gray jeans (from a huge pack of things) Juice
Bracelet: Iced and So Fresh

Blue top and jeans with scuplty cuffs (from a huge pack of things) Juice
Hair and cap: MADesigns

Gray and maroon shirt: Artful Carvings
Hair and cap: MADesigns

Lorien Elven outfit (boots not included): *~ Aria's Dream ~*

Poses by LAP AO.