Evening Surprises

What a great eve for Benicia! Here's the story and credits.

Reading that there would be a new dollarbie out this eve at PRISM, she ventured over. Very happy with the versatile outfit -- it works with or without the jacket depending on the temps and your activities -- she was in need of shoes. Knowing the DUH! had some great clogs at bargain prices she headed over.

As she was rezzing in she spied a fedora from the Just for the Guys hunt. Not being shy she bought the boots *wink* in hopes of downsizing. Still waiting to rez and seeing that the lucky chair had only a minute left whatever the letter was, she jumped on --- to a WILDCARD and got a second pair of boots, this time in a very girly dark red.

After purchasing a clog fatpack ($50 for lots of color - oh my) she TPed over for show and tell. I was a little surprised when she arrived as she had done a bit of appearance edititing it seemed trying to get a new hair to fit. Her head had always been a bit -- long? Whatever, she got tired of all that adjusting and decided to make some changes. Who would have known that simply shrinking the depth of your head would make such a difference? Not I. I agree that she looks REALLY good *wink*. It will just take a bit of time to get used to the new her.

When she went back to pick up the dollarbie cranberry clogs there was an "X" on the lucky chair so she TPed Xia over. Ya just gotta love it!

You can get these same boots in navy for $1; the previously blogs dollarbie clogs are still available. What deals! Find them in the middle of the floor in boxes. I'm going over and pick up some boots in the morn (yawn).

And that's tonight's bedtime story.

Her black striped pants (hot!) are from Juice. Top from Love Chic available now on XStreet.

Poses by Sugar Mill.