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Morning philosophy time here :D

Lots of different types of folks read Chic at Phil's Place; many of them older and smarter about SL(R) and fashion that I. But I also know that there are some fairly new folks ......

There has been plenty of talk on the blogs and within groups about the freebie culture. Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, and if it helps the designers is not the subject of this post. There are, however, a group of people who don't spend money in Phil's domain. I can think of a fair amount of scenarios for this.

  • They are in college and poor (been there) and use their house mate's/roommate's/friend's fancier computer to log into world. They have no money to spare.

  • They are saving all the money they can manage to earn in SL so that they can buy some land, open a store, contribute to the creative world and the economy.

  • They are an Alt who has no say over the dinero -- it all goes to the main avatar.

  • They choose not to spend money on virtual goods.

Let's say -- if any of those scenarios fit you -- that you also feel a bit down about your circumstances or your decisions. You don't want to be considered cheap or a freeloader. You'd like to help out the designers you admire without spending. Well here are a few ways:

  • Find your favorite designers -- the ones you get all that great free stuff from -- and join their group. You have 25 slots that you can fill. Yes, the chatty groups can get a bit nerve rattling at times, but you are doing a good deed here, remember. Now I'm not suggesting you group hop to GET things, I am suggesting that you join the groups you want to support and stay for awhile.

  • Fill any empty spots in your profile with picks of your favorite designers. Oftentimes this can lead to an added bonus of Picks Camping goodies, but that need not be your reason for adding a new pick to your list. If you are picks camping for money, then spend part of what you make on dollarbies and cheapies -- again, at the places that give you all that great "free stuff".

  • And, here's one you may not have thought about - CAMP. Now we don't really have camping like when I was young, but there is no reason you simply can't leave yourself at a designers shop for an hour or two while you read, wash dishes, take a nap or visit with friends in RL. If you don't want to look silly standing there, sit down, turn your AO on, or put on one of the many cute AFK attachments available.

All of the above help the designers by placing them higher in different parts of the search engine.

It's always nice to give a bit back.

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    # by Harper Beresford - July 8, 2009 at 12:28 PM

    Actually, camping doesn't help in the "all" search engine, as explained to me by a Linden. However, PICKS do! So help the designers out by putting them in your PICKS.

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    # by Chic Aeon - July 8, 2009 at 8:47 PM

    Camping raises you higher in the listing when searching under PLACES which I actually do quite offen. The places with the most traffic are at the top of the list. Give it a try :D