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Dilly Dolls MM and More

Benicia, it seems, was up much earlier than I this morning. Good for her. She read about a great sounding MM board at Shayariel's blog. Off she went. The story is a funny one as it often is with Benicia. She couldn't get to the board site easily -- that wandering around thing. But she knew where it was and she saw a stacked book seat like I have and hopped on to get closer. Turns out it was the lucky chair AND a wildcard round - LOL. So she got close to the board and got some other goodies. Meanwhile, she TPed Xia and I over to slap that board. So journey over to Dilly Dolls and slap that board if you like the looks of this outfit as much as we do :D.

Another letter of a friend showed up on the chair and so Benicia TPed HER over and she found the slipper that alluded me during my hunting. These great color change plain jane shoes above are the prize. The sweater is one of a huge fatpack from the lucky chair. Way to go! Her skirt is an oldie and not included in the pack.

Poses by LAP and ANA_mations.


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