If You've Got 20 Minutes

Happy accidents are much more fun than expected rewards. Awhile ago I landmarked the camping chairs at Beauty Salon Cri-Cri. They were different than what I normally see. Sit 20 minutes to get a hair in a random color. "OK", I thought, "if it's purple, it's purple; what's 20 minutes?" So today with not much to do I decided to get over there finally. When my prize arrived I noted that it was a wear and touch item. No longer quite as surprised with this innovation and in a hurry to see the hair, I promptly double clicked to wear.

K-E-W-L! I was suddenly holding a very large grouping of shopping bags, cute ones. Prop! Prop! It took me a few tries to get my hair unpacked as there were other options with the bags. You could hold them in the left hand or both hands with an AO on or off. The AO is a bit iffy as you hit yourself in the head with the bags at one point. Still, I suspect most of us have done that.

Once I got my new hair on, I found that it was not only touch resize, but touch recolor into three nice brown tones and a blue. The bow color has many options too she says discovering this after the photo shoot *sigh*. This is really a great hair!

My outfit? Bits and pieces of lots of items already blogged. Here's the short list.

Spork Cosmo gloves and DM Designs bracelets both from this morning, ..::A.Y.Y::.. Leaf Tube Dress (just the top and I bet a lot of you have that newish hunt item), shiny leggings from MALT and Valentina Boots from LYA. The white cardigan is from =NENASHIGUSA NEST= and comes in VERY handy to pull other things together. It's still on the lucky boards here.

One pose by Tuli.